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Retrospective: Taiwan Tech Arena Debuts At CES 2019

A new epicenter of advance consumer technology research and development took center stage when the Taiwan Tech Arena made its debut at CES 2019. Introducing the world to 44 of the most promising Taiwanese technology start-ups, the Taiwan Tech Arena debuted in the Eureka Park Marketplace in the Sands Expo & Convention Center at Booth #52443.

According to Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy Minister Yu-Chin Hsu, the 44 companies were selected based on a careful review by the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, in conjunction with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and a group of influential Silicon Valley venture capitalists who have invested in many of the selected companies.

“The group of companies we [brought] to CES 2019 represents the very best and brightest of Taiwan’s red hot technology sector,” commented Deputy Minister Hsu. “These companies [showcased and demonstrated] a host of new technologies in the areas of Health Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). These advances… are world class in nature.”

Underscoring his point, Deputy Minister Hsu pointed to the fact that eight Taiwanese companies were singled out this year with CES 2019 Innovation Awards. Awards were presented to ELECLEAN for its eco-friendly disinfectant spray, Han-Win Technology Co. for its Inno Safety Smart Battery, Lubn for its world’s first 4G/LTE smart key with vision, Genius Holdings for its exOxygen Breath Checker, Taiwan Main Orthopedic Biotechnology for its Caduceus Surgery Glasses, STARWING Technology Company for its SiPS-STARWING Intelligent Indoor Positioning System, OmniEyes for its AI-enabled video camera, and Gintel Technology for its cloud intelligent aquaculture water toxic concentration monitoring system.

“All of these awards are for innovation that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of people that we in the technology industry all serve,” he emphasized. “These awards reflect the values and mission of the Taiwan Tech Arena and the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology that sponsors the arena.”

In addition to the eight CES 2019 Innovation Award winners, the following other companies were part of the CES 2019 Taiwan Tech Arena: AWOWO TECH. CO. LTD., Taiwan Intelltech Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Taiwan 3D Tech, AgriTalk Technology, Inc., AHEAD, CarKit AI Inc., creDA Inc., FaceHeart Inc., Language Hero, Mavin Technology Inc., Medjade, 3drens, Anchor Tech Co. Ltd., Chelpis Co. Ltd., Equalearning, FlipWeb, RelaJet, Ruize International Co.Ltd., Taiwan User Friendly Sensors and Tech Co. Ltd., Accurate Meditech Inc., Sinopulsar Technology Inc., QT Medical Inc., Brilliant Optronics, CatDID Technology Co.Ltd., EmojiWiFi Co. Ltd., Hoyen Tech Co. Ltd., Lab Eatalot, Oganic Semiconductor Laboratories, Rong Send Laboratories, SIMpower, ChaseWind, GANZIN Technology, JARVISH Inc., PAIX Inc., Skin Elec, and UUPSAFETY.

The Taiwan Tech Arena also sought to strengthen and expand its working relationships with other technology leaders while at CES 2019. Already, key partners include Corning Glass, Underwriters Laboratories, and Applied Materials of the United States; Asahi Kasei, Nidec, and AIST of Japan; Evonik, Heraeus, and Fraunhofer of Germany; TNO of the Netherlands; VTT of Finland; Ericsson of Sweden; and NRC of Canada.