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How personalized touches can lead to retail sales boosts and 10% increases in average orders

The demand for technologically advanced products and burgeoning R&D activities have led to shorter product life-spans, increased competition, and a profusion of choice in consumer electronics. With products becoming more and more commoditized, it’s now harder for brands to stand out, differentiate from competitors, and create authentic relationships with consumers.

Personalized touches can be a true differentiator as Market research firm Researchscape found that 86 percent of consumers believe it’s important for brands to offer expert advice about the products and services they offer. 

This white paper outlines how to engage consumers in entirely new ways to deliver the most customer-centric experience possible, including:

  • employing authentic conversations and personalized experiences
  • conquering “choice paralysis,” by building deeper customer relationships

  • how to ask the right questions to guide customers to the perfect product

  • optimize and re-target based on product preferences, sales performance, deep consumer insights and conversation analytics

Click here to download the full white paper.