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CES 2019 Innovations Award-Winners Talk Tech in the TTA

Dr. Lewis Chen, managing director of the Taiwan Technology Arena makes introductions for some of the start-up companies demonstrating a host of new technologies in the areas of Health Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of the eight CES 2019 Innovations Awards winners include: Genius Holdings, Gintel Technology and OmniEyes. Watch the Video

Eight Taiwanese companies were singled out this year as CES 2019 Innovation Award winners. They included:

· ELECLEAN for its eco-friendly disinfectant spray

· Han-Win Technology Co. for its Inno Safety Smart Battery

· Lubn for its world’s first 4G/LTE smart key with vision

· Genius Holdings for its exOxygen Breath Checker

· Taiwan Main Orthopedic Biotechnology for its Caduceus Surgery Glasses STARWING Technology Company for its SiPS-STARWING Intelligent Indoor Positioning System

· OmniEyes for its AI-enabled video camera

· Gintel Technology for its cloud intelligent aquaculture water toxic concentration monitoring system