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Women Drain Cellphone Batteries Faster Than Men

Women in the U.S. use their smartphones more than men, and premium-phone owners use their devices more than owners of entry-level phones, causing them to drain their smartphone batteries faster than other users, Strategy Analytics found.

Females experience higher battery drain than males across all tiers of phones, the research company added.

Strategy Analytics obtained its data from a telemetry application on volunteers’ smartphones for the January to March period. The company analyzed more than 250 different models, including entry-level devices priced at less than $300, midrange phones priced from $301 to $450, and premium devices priced at more than $450.

Only owners of entry-tier devices get a full day’s worth of charge, while users of premium and midtier phones run out of juice in less than a day, the company said.

Among U.S. Android phone users, female users of entry-level phones drain their battery on average in 24.5 hours, while men coax 25.8 hours out of their phones. Among owners of midtier devices, women get 19.9 hours of battery life, and men get 23 hours. Among premium-tier owners, women get only 18.9 hours of use, and men get 20.9 hours. (See chart below.)

Strategy Analytics also found that premium devices charge the fastest, requiring an average of 3.6 hours for a complete charge from 0 percent to 100 percent.

“Premium devices realize increased activity — two times more data traffic and 134 percent more time on social apps among others, and these factors weigh in on the battery drain,” said Bonny Joy, chief of consumer telemetry platforms. “Battery life is among the top considerations in user experience, and it’s important that OEMs pay close attention to the user behavior.”