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Tech Consumers Unglued Over Sticky Labels

Imagine: Your customer finally gets that shiny new smartphone he’s been pining over; performs the unboxing ritual; carefully removes the product labels … but paper and adhesive residue remain, marring all that glossy aluminum and glass.

The result, according to an Ipsos consumer survey from earlier this year, can lead to negative associations for the product and brand.

The poll of 819 U.S. shoppers showed that the situation, and attendant frustration, is quite common among customers. Fully 82 percent reported feeling frustrated when removing a label from a product; 81 percent said they have experienced difficulty when doing so; and 53 percent said labels — even the peel-off kind — leave a residue on the product.

While this sticky wicket affects all product categories, 34 percent of respondents said they experienced the most frustration with labels on electronics.

Source: Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials, North America

Full disclosure: The survey was commissioned by Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials, North America, which happens to offer a portfolio of removable adhesives for label converters.

“It seems that many people have had a bad experience with a removable label,” said associate product manager Agata Kowalska. “Some survey respondents talked about how the wrong label adhesive ruined a present, damaged a collectible, or just caused a lot of grief.”

She added, “As the survey demonstrates, the label might seem a small part of the product, but it can have a significant impact on consumer experience.”