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Tech Is 4th On The List For Father’s Day Gifts

Electronics are the fourth most popular gift for Father’s Day 2016 a new consumer survey shows, with the category edging up 2 percent in purchase intention over last year.

According to customer engagement consultancy Brand Keys, 18 percent of dad’s-day shoppers are buying the old man electronics, following gift cards (40 percent), clothing (35 percent) and tools (20 percent).

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Nine percent of dads will be receiving smartphones, although that percentage slipped 3 percent from last year, when high-profile entries drove greater sales.

“But after all, how many phones – smart or otherwise … does Dad need?” asked Brank Keys founder/president Robert Passikoff.

Only 2 percent of respondents plan to buy DVDs or CDs for dad, which is flat from Father’s Day 2015.

The stats are based on a nationwide Brand Keys poll of 5,800 men and women ages 18-65.

The good news for fathers — and the economy — is that spending on them is up an average of 6 percent, to $157, which equals last month’s increase in Mother’s Day expenditures. Passikoff attributes the gains to steady economic conditions and consumer confidence.

“Retail can use it,” he said.