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Showrooming Debunked By Sales Data: CEA

NEW YORK – Showrooming’s impact on brick-andmortar retailers, and Amazon’s threat to Best Buy in particular, may be greatly overstated, new data suggests.

The research, culled from The Stevenson Company’s TraQline market studies and presented by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), shows that only 8.8 percent of Best Buy shoppers also shop Amazon for CE, and that less than half of those (4.1 percent) ultimately buy from the e-tail giant.

In contrast, Walmart lured nearly 24 percent of Best Buy shoppers and closed 34 percent of them.

Conversely, Best Buy retained 29.4 percent of the shoppers it shared with Amazon and 40 percent of customers who cross-shopped Walmart.

The research, which covers the period of January through March 2012, was presented by CEA industry analysis director Steve Koenig at the trade group’s Research Summit, held here earlier during CE Week.

When it came to TV, nearly half (48 percent) of all TV shoppers visited Best Buy, which managed to close a commendably high 55.7 percent of them, Koenig said.

Of the 44 percent of Best Buy shoppers who bought their TVs elsewhere, only 8 percent purchased them from Amazon while 31 percent bought their displays at Walmart.

Another 9 percent were converted by Costco, 7 percent purchased them at Target, and 25 percent bought their TVs at “other” venues, the data shows.