Missed It By That Much: Top Tech Retailers 101-110

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TWICE Top 100 CE Retailers

Once you get past 50th place on TWICE’s Top 100 CE Retailer rankings, the distinctions grow ever finer, as dealers often begin edging each other out by as little as $1 million in CE sales. (Yes, we know, that may be “a little” to us, but …)

To help assuage the hurt of those who missed this year’s $5 million cutoff in annual tech revenue, we compiled a What If  list, as in “What if our Top 100 registry went to 110?”

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So without further ado, we present to you the close-but-no-cigar crew:

101. Karl’s TV & Service: South Dakota-based Karl’s, not to be confused with Karl’s Appliance in New Jersey, operates 23 stores in seven Central region states.

102. Gerhard’s Appliances: In business since 1945, Gerhard’s began as a corner record shop that grew into six greater Philadelphia-area majap, mattress and TV stores.

103. Warehouse Discount Center: A recent addition to the NATM buying group, this Southern California majap and plumbing supply chain operates seven showrooms including a 30,000-squarefoot flagship store, and is a regular on our appliance Top 50.

104. Plaza TV & Appliance: This two-store, Minneapolis-area chain lays claim to the title of largest independent TV and appliance dealer in Minnesota, and supports its family-owned vibe by doubling manufacturer warranties to two full years.

105. Queen City: Around since 1952, this Charlotte, N.C.-based independent reorganized five years ago under Chapter 11 and today operates five appliance, TV and bedding showrooms under president/CEO Roddey Player.

106. County TV & Appliance: This Connecticut mainstay has been serving its local Fairfield and Westchester County clientele for more than 65 years, more recently repositioning itself as “Your Smart Home Store.”

107. Filco Discount Superstore: The CE and appliance discounter was founded by Tony Saca in 1971, and today operates two Northern California showrooms, including a new 27,000-square-foot superstore in Sacramento.

108. Big Sandy Superstore: No, not the superstorm that wreaked havoc on the Atlantic coast, but a 15-store appliance, CE and furniture chain spanning Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia that also has an arena and convention center named after it.

109. Manny’s TV & Appliances: This Massachusetts family business, started in 1977, serves Bay State and New Hampshire residents out of six regional showrooms.

110. King’s Great Buys Plus: Founded by Terry Oates in 1983, the company operates six big-box appliance, electronics, furniture, and mattress showrooms in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.


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