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Futuresource: 3D Printing To Reach $7.5B By 2018

London — 3D printing is poised to grow into a $7.5 billion global market by 2018 as the technology evolves beyond industrial applications into mainstream consumer uses, according to forecasts from Futuresource Consulting.

 “3D printing has the potential to disrupt so many aspects of the current imaging and output ecosystem,” said Matt Marshall, Futuresource Consulting print and imaging head. “From physical supply-chain intermediaries to retail outlets serving the growing consumer boom for 3D object production, right through to vertical sectors such as medical and aviation, where 3D production is already registering a massive impact. As a result, we’re seeing a multitude of machine manufacturers, scanner manufacturers, designers, content owners, retailers, assembly plants, IP authorities and innovators, all exploring the possibilities and assessing whether 3D printing will complement or compete with traditional manufacturing.”

The firm said that with mainstream imaging players including Hewlett-Packard, Ricoh and Samsung expected to enter the field, the category continues to exhibit huge potential, with growth estimates ranging from “a meager” 78,000 unit sales globally in 2013 to more than 1 million units in 2018.

Futuresource is preparing a comprehensive report on the technology for publication later in the year. The study will provide full year 2013 data covering market size, regional and country level insights, and market expectations through 2017 on both regional and country levels.

For further information, contact Matt Marshall via [email protected].