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Black Friday Pricing: Déjà Vu, Part II

Last month comparison shopping site Brad’s Deals demonstrated that Black Friday promos are often recycled from past years.

Now, personal finance site WalletHub has quantified the phenomena, finding that 11.2 percent of this month’s Black Friday deals were also offered last year, sometimes at lower prices.

The biggest offender: Big Lots, which is bringing back 16.4 percent of its 2014 doorbuster deals — and at a 5.7 percent higher price on average.

Of all the repeat offenders on WalletHub’s Top 16 list, Staples used the tactic the least, recycling only 5.1 percent of its deals from last year, and reducing them by 5.8 percent on average.

Apparently none of this has been lost on consumers, 81 percent of whom indicated in a survey that “Black Friday deals are not improving from previous years.”

The list of retailers, and a few examples of the déjà vu doorbusters, follows:

Source: WalletHub