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Apple Sold A Record Number Of iPhones Last Quarter

Apple sold over 78 million iPhones in its fiscal 2017 first quarter, an all-time record for the company.

The company posted record quarterly revenue of $78.4 billion and all-time record quarterly earnings per diluted share of $3.36. These results compare with revenue of $75.9 billion and earnings per diluted share of $3.28 in the year-ago quarter.

iPhones accounted for $54 billion of overall revenue.

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The iPad, meanwhile, did not perform as well: Apple sold 13.1 million tablets for the quarter ($5.53 billion in revenue), down from the 16.1 million it sold in the prior-year period. It sold 5.37 million Macs ($7.24 billion in revenue), and its services division accounted for $7.17 billion of quarterly revenue.

Its “Other” category, which includes the Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats products, iPods, and Apple-branded and third-party accessories, recorded $4.02 billion in revenue. Apple doesn’t break out units in this category.

International sales accounted for 64 percent of overall revenue for the quarter.

Strong iPhone sales and Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 recall helped propel Apple into the No. 1 global smartphone seller position, according to Strategy Analytics.

Apple is also sitting on a $16 billion war chest of cash and cash equivalents, its Q1 report showed.