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Amazon Tops In Customer Satisfaction: Study

ANN ARBOR, MICH. — The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has completed its year-end list of mostand least-beloved companies, based on interviews with over 70,000 U.S. consumers.

Topping the rankings as No. 1 in customer satisfaction out of the 229 companies studied is, which earned an ACSI score of 88 on a scale of zero to 100.

Bottoming out at No. 229 is Time Warner Cable, which earned scores of 56 and 54, respectively, for its TV and Internet service.

Time Warner wasn’t alone in cable and satellite dissatisfaction: also occupying the list’s lowest rungs were Verizon (No. 209 in TV); DISH Network (No. 211); AT&T U-verse (No. 218 in TV); CenturyLink (No. 219 in TV); Cox Communications (Nos. 221 and 222 in ISP and TV); Charter Communications (Nos. 223 and 224 in ISP and TV); and Comcast (Nos. 225 and 227 in TV and ISP).

Among other tech companies, Apple ranked 12th overall (behind Subaru) with a satisfaction score of 84, followed by Google (No. 24) and Samsung (No. 57).

Apple separately ranked 79th for its smart phones.

Among other tech retailers, Costco placed 13th (behind Apple) with an ACSI score of 84, followed by (No. 26) and OfficeMax (No. 37).

Best Buy, which has made a priority of improving customer satisfaction, still has a ways to go, ranking halfway on the list at No. 113.

Top majap honors went to Electrolux, which ranked 80th out of the 229 assessed companies. The customer satisfaction index score is calculated as a weighted average of three survey questions that measure different facets of satisfaction with a product or service, including perceived quality and value and customer expectations, loyalty and complaints.