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Zvox Enters Personal Hearing With The VoiceBud VB20

Also add new soundbar for consumers with hearing loss

Zvox, the audio manufacturer focused on bringing affordable audio solutions to consumers with hearing loss, has added two new dialogue-boosting devices to its roster.

The company’s first personal hearing device, the VoiceBud VB20, is geared toward consumers who have trouble understanding voices in some circumstances. It is FDA approved and has a $299 suggested retail.

The VB20’s NoiseBlocker technology is designed for crowded rooms and restaurants, accounting for ambient noise and bringing conversation to the forefront. A dual-microphone system feeds sounds into a digital processor that can be programmed to reduce noises coming from behind the listener, said Zvox.

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An accompanying app lets wearers wirelessly control volume, switch between four listening modes, adjust bass and treble, and check the battery status, all via Bluetooth.

The VB20 can amplifying sounds from 200Hz to 5.7kHz, while its anti-feedback system helps minimize “squealing,” according to Zvox.

“For over 15 years, consumers have basically had two choices,” said Zvox CEO Tom Hannaher in a statement. “They could buy a low-priced hearing amplifier or spend a lot of money on a sophisticated hearing device. With the VoiceBud VB20 they can now get advanced hearing technology at a reasonable price. Millions of people who have trouble hearing in certain situations now have a whole new option.”

Zvox has also added to its line of AccuVoice TV speakers. The newest addition to the three-model series is the AV201 ($199). This version employs the same technology as its predecessor — similar to that found in hearing aids — to make TV dialogue sound clearer. It also features the same three speakers, aluminum cabinet, processor and one-cable setup.

What’s different, however, is a choice of two separate settings of dialogue boost, intended to expand its appeal to consumers who suffer from mild hearing loss.

The AV201 also has a redesigned, water-resistant remote with larger buttons that are meant to be easier to read and arranged more intuitively.

Its predecessor, the AV200, is still available for $199 and will soon also feature two levels of dialogue-boosting settings. (The company intends to sell both models to appeal to a wider number of retailers.)

The step-up $269 AV203 features six levels.