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Zvox Expands TV-Audio System Selection

Zvox went to the CEDIA Expo with four new single-chassis TV-audio systems, all designed to connect to a TV’s audio outputs to amplify TV output, widen the stereo stage, deliver deeper bass and provide virtual surround effects.

The company showed the products off-site.

All are designed to offer high-quality sound at affordable price points while simplifying setup and operation, said Zvox founder Tom Hannaher. All connect to a TV via its analog stereo outputs or headphone jack. All feature signal-sensing auto on/off circuit to automatically turn the unit on when a TV is turned on. All are biamplified, and all feature PhaseCue virtual-surround circuitry to widen the sound stage and, from surround-encoded soundtracks, deliver a virtual surround-sound effect. They also feature wood MDF cabinets.

Two of the new products are wall-mountable sound bars, expanding the company’s sound bar selection to three from two. The other two new products, part of the Z-Base family, double as platforms for stand-mounted flat-panel TVs, expanding the Z-Base selection to three SKUs from one.

In the Z-Base family, the company will show one model larger than its current Z-Base 500 and one model that is smaller. The smaller model, the $399-suggested 525, fits on a 12-inch-deep shelf. Its 3.5-inch by 24-inch by 12.5-inch chassis incorporates 60 watts of amplification, five 2-inch full-range speakers and a 5.25-inch subwoofer. It shipped Sept. 1.

The other new Z-Base product, the $799-suggested IncrediBase 575, is larger, delivers deeper bass down to 35Hz and delivers more power output. It packs 133 watts of amplification, five 2-inch full-range speakers, and two 6.5-inch subs into a 5- by 36- by 16.5-inch cabinet. It ships Oct. 1.

In wall- and shelf-mountable sound bars, the company will show the $449-suggested Zvox 430, which replaces the Zvox 415 and is already shipping, and the $549 Zvox 440, shipping Oct. 1. Both feature 60 watts of amplification, three 3.25-inch full-range speakers and a long-excursion 4-inch subwoofer. The only differences between the two are chassis width and bass response. The 430’s cabinet is 5.5 by 5 by 30.5 inches, delivering bass response down to 48Hz and making it ideal for use with 32- to 42-inch TVs. The 440’s cabinet is 5.5 by 5 by 39 inches, delivering bass to 43Hz and making it ideal for 40- to 52-inch TVs.

Zvox also offers three other TV-audio solutions that it classifies as neither sound bars nor TV bases, bringing the company’s total selection to nine SKUs.

For the Zvox 430 and carryover Z-Base 550, Zvox has begun offering an optional digital input package at $100. The package adds coaxial digital and optical digital input, plus Dolby Digital decoding, to the systems’ standard analog inputs.