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zCover is spotlighting its new iSAglove cases for Apple’s iPhone. The iSAglove is available in five zCover ice series colors: blue, purple, gray, pink and clear, each designed to work seamlessly with iPhone’s light sensor.

zCover’s iSAglove design combines usability with protection, providing full access to all of the iPhone’s functions. A slide-edge cut is incorporated into the iSAglove at the top edge of the screen to ensure the iPhone is protected without blocking its proximity (built-in motion) sensor. Reinforced corners support a natural hand position when in horizontal mode and have a reinforced silicone layer that works as a “crash cushion” during drops and falls. Side finger grooves provide a comfortable fit for any sized hand, and the universal headset jack opening has been tested to fit any Apple headphones, the company says.

zCover’s iSAglove silicone case is available in four combination packages, ranging from $29.99 to $49.99 suggested retail.