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ZappoTV Brings iOS Content To TVs


ZappoTV introduced
Monday a free Mobile Media Center
application for iOS devices, allowing users
to combine their media content via mobile
device and watch it on an Internet-connected

 The app, which is available starting today
for free through the Apple App Store, supports
DLNA and UPnP protocols to send
content to DLNA compliant televisions and
a variety of DLNA compliant set-top boxes
without the need for any additional hardware.

Currently Samsung and LG TVs offer the
DLNA needed to play the ZappoTV relayed

Supported media players and media
center solutions include: the Western
Digital Media Players (WDTV Live, WDTV
Live Plus, WDTV Live Hub Media Center),
XBMC, Xbox 360 (in Media Center Extender
Mode), Popcorn Hour, LG Connected TVs
and Samsung Connected TVs.

ZappoTV provides a proprietary enhancement
layer, which extends home-networking
protocols to allow connected TVs, media
players and other such devices to access
Internet-based content and make them work
seamlessly together, the company said.

The app was designed to allow users to
find, access and play on TV screens podcasts,
photos and videos from Facebook,
Picasa or Flickr, and user-generated movies,
photos and music stored on their phone or
home computer or server, as well as content
aggregated by ZappoTV, the company said.

“So much content is being consumed on
PCs and laptops, but management, storage
and real engagement happens on personal
devices like smartphones and tablets,” said
Jan van Ottele, CEO of ZappoTV. “ZappoTV
sees the TV as a place to deliver entertainment
while management is handled on the
mobile device. Consumers have media all over
the place, on phones, servers, and the web,
because we have so many devices and places
where we share our content. ZappoTV was
designed to help people enjoy and manage
all their media from one place — their mobile
device — and finally enjoy it on the big screen.

Initially, Ottele told TWICE the company is
focusing on getting the free app out into consumers’
hands and letting them get familiar
with its benefits. In a year or so, the company
will begin to implement revenue generating
models including the use of advertising.

The company is exploring developing versions
compatible with Android phones for
future releases, Ottele said.