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Yamaha: All About That Bass

Buena Park – Yamaha plans June availability of its most expensive active subwoofer to date.

The 1,000-watt ,12-inch, $2,499 NS-SW1000 joins a sub selection that previously topped out at $549. The company previously topped out its sub line at $1,299 for a model no longer available.

The front-firing bass-reflex sub features Yamaha servo technology that enhances cone control to deliver “perfect linear motion,” the company’s website says, while its port features a flared, gently twisting shape that reportedly diffuses the air vortex generated around the port’s edge to reduce extraneous noise by creating a smooth air flow.

Three-way mitered construction delivers extremely tight joints to enable accurate bass reproduction without noise-causing cabinet vibrations, Yamaha noted. An aluminum die-cast frame also suppresses unwanted resonance. The enclosure itself is made of 36mm and 25mm medium-density fiberboard supported by cast-iron legs for additional stability to reduce distortion.

With the digital amplifier and high-current MOSFET discrete push-pull output stage, the front-firing subwoofer delivers 18-160Hz frequency response. SPLs were unavailable.