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Yamaha Adds Two Stereo Hi-Fi Components

Buena Park, Calif. – Yamaha added to its lineup of two-channel audio components with a $3,999-suggested integrated amplifier and a $3,499 CD/SACD player, both incorporating elements of their flagship counterparts.

The A-S2100 integrated amp and CD-S2100 SACD/CD player will be in stores in June. They’ll join six other integrated amps priced from $379 to $7,999 and three other CD/SACD players priced from $1,799 to $6,999.

The CD/SACD player features the circuit configuration of the flagship $6,999 CD-S3000. Features include 32-bit ESS DAC and a built-in USB DAC providing native playback of 192kHz/24-bit digital audio files and DSD files.

The ESS DAC generates its own master clock to provide extremely low jitter, the company said. It also features four-channel D/A converters on the right and left sides, respectively.

To take full advantage of USB DAC quality, Yamaha will offer a free downloadable USB driver incorporating the ASIO 2.3 protocol, which is a standard professional-audio protocol. It delivers lower delay and higher throughput than with standard sound drivers, the company said.

The player isolates digital circuitry on one side and analog circuitry on the other to eliminate interference and create and ideal weight balance, the company said. The separation begins with separate power-supply transformers for the digital and analog circuits.

A center frame extends from the front to the back of the body to increase chassis rigidity to provide stable disc playback. A front panel made of quarter-inch aluminum also increases chassis rigidity.

The CD-S2100 is said to eliminate audio signal loss via an unusual analog-circuit configuration to produce a “natural, spacious sound.”

The player features the same drive mechanism as the Yamaha flagship for high-precision disc reading. The CD tray itself is made of high-rigidity aluminum to reduce vibrations caused by disc resonances and the high-speed disc motor.

The A-S2100 integrated amp, which uses the amplifier circuit of the flagship A-S3000, is rated at 2×160 watts into 4 ohms at 1kHz with 0.7 percent THD. It incorporates phono preamp, headphone amp, and two front-panel level meters. It features fully discrete construction, balanced transmission, and low impedance design to reduce noise and eliminate signal-transmission loss. A left-right symmetrical design, with the power supply in the center and the power amp blocks on the ends, achieves greater stereo separation, the company said.

Its phono preamp supports MC and MM phono cartridges. Its headphone amp is equipped with fully discrete configuration.

The amplifier also features floating and balanced design with MOSFETs.

Both components are available with black or silver finishes with piano-black side panels.