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XYZprinting Releases 2nd Gen 3D Printer

San Diego – XYZprinting, which made a name for itself this year with its affordable ($499) da Vinci 1.0 desktop 3D printer, has just released its bigger brother.

The da Vinci 2.0 is a dual-nozzle, dual-color 3D printer that’s priced at $649 retail to broadly serve the consumer, entrepreneurial and small-to-medium business markets, the company said.

The second-gen model features a build volume of 5.9×7.8×7.8 inches and, unlike its predecessor, can print two-color projects. Resolution modes range from 100 microns to 400 microns, and the unit is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

The printer comes pre-assembled and is easy to use and maintain thanks to alerts and functions including print-bed auto detection, low-filament alert, auto nozzle cleaning ,and a heated print bed for easy product removal, the vendor said.

Both models also provide access to over 1,000 cloud-sourced community designs within the XYZ Design Gallery.

“XYZprinting’s deep roots in manufacturing have allowed us to bring efficiencies to the design and manufacturing of the da Vinci 3D printer line, and we are passing these efficiencies on to our customers through pricing,” said CEO Simon Shen. “Our goal is to provide world-class 3D printing models that allow for widespread adoption to drive the market, and innovation in the market, forward.”

The da Vinci 2.0 is shipping now to retailers including, Micro Center, and Studica.