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Xtrax Simplifies CD Programming

Xtrax Labs, an Arlington Heights, Ill.-based technology company, has developed a “peel-and-stick” method for programming the playback of CDs and other optical discs.

With the technology, consumers apply a pressure-sensitive circular label to their CDs, DVD-Audio, or SACD discs. The label contains numbered regions that correspond with up to 24 tracks and four other settings, such as equalization or music category. When a numbered region is marked with an erasable marker, a player incorporating Xtrax software and label sensor will skip over the corresponding track. Some Xtrax-compatible players would also be able to change EQ settings depending on disc markings.

In volume, component costs for manufacturers could be less than 45 cents, the company said. Portables, car CDs and home CDs could feature the technology, as could DVD-Audio and SACD players, the company said.