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X-mini WE Speaker

Measuring just 48mm in height and 48gm in weight, the X-mini WE Speaker redefines the idea of pocket-size portability and is best used with mobile phones, tablets and media players. With a 30mm driver, the thumbsized X-mini WE Speaker pumps out an outstanding sound performance that will exceed expectations beyond its stature.   The X-mini WE Speaker features Bluetooth connectivity to play music from your mobile phones, tablets and media players wirelessly. Aside from pairing it to your device via Bluetooth, the X-mini WE Speaker can also be paired with a simple tap via NFC.   The popular Buddy-Jack function also features on the X-mini WE so it can act as a Bluetooth dongle to your other X-mini Capsule Speakers or audio players. Simply plug the X-mini WE Speaker via a 3.5mm audio jack into a daisy-chain of X-mini Capsule Speakers or to your hifi set at home to transmit your music wirelessly.  The X-mini WE Speaker offers a playback time of up to 6 hours with each 1.5-hour charge via micro-USB.   The X-mini WE Speaker is not just a sound accessory. It is part of a movement to encourage people to bring good sound wherever they go and be able to share music wherever they are.