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Withings’ Body & Body Cardio Smart Scales Measure Percentage Of Fat, Muscle & Bone

Nokia-owned Withings continues to revamp its smart-scale selection with its first connected scales that measure the percentage of fat, muscle, water and bone constituting a person’s weight.

Previous models measured a person’s fat percentage, the company said. Like their predecessors, the $129 Body and $179 Body Cardio also provide data on body mass index and standing heart rate.

The Body Cardio offers all the same features as the Body but adds pulse wave velocity measurement to analyze cardiovascular health. The technology has been available only in clinical settings, the company said.

PWV is a measurement of arterial stiffness, which is an indicator of cardiac risks such as hypertension, high cholesterol, organ failure, stroke and heart attack, Withings said. PWV is defined as the speed at which heartbeat-generated vibrations spread out along arterial walls throughout the body.  A high PWV indicates stiff arteries or high blood pressure.

Other changes: Both scales are also the company’s first with a rechargeable battery, which can be charged overnight and lasts a year. And both are also the company’s thinnest connected scales at 0.7 inches and the company’s first with multi-floor surface accuracy for use on any surface, such as tiles, carpet and wood. Previous models were designed for tile floors.

Both feature a flat aluminum base, footless design and heat-tempered glass.

Like before, the new scales can be used with the Withings Health Mate smartphone app to access graphs, data, rewards and personal coaching advice.

The Body scales became available in the U.S. today at Amazon, and Lowe’s. The Body Cardio became available today exclusively in Apple stores and, but it will be rolled out to other retailers in a month.

Other Withings health-related products include activity trackers, a wireless blood-pressure monitor, a security camera with air quality sensors and a sleep system.