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Wiser Air Smart Thermostat Will Remember Feedback

Schneider Electric’s smart thermostat is a little (more) wiser.

The Wiser Air Wi-Fi smart thermostat has been updated with a new Eco IQ feature that adjusts temperature based on consumer feedback, allowing users to prioritize comfort vs. savings, said the company. Users can preset the coldest temperature for an air conditioner to reach for example, or the highest for a heater. Homeowners can then provide feedback via the smartphone app on whether they are too warm or cold, and the device will store the information for later adjustments.

The thermostat now also employs the company’s WeatherSentry forecasting service, allowing it to determine how long it takes to change the temperature in the home and to plan ahead for reaching target temps.

Existing Wiser Air users will receive an automatic software update that includes Eco IQ.

Schneider Electric also said Wiser Air will seamlessly sync with Amazon Alexa this summer, providing voice control of the thermostat.

The thermostat, which initially launched in November 2015, has a 3.5-inch color touchscreen and can measure temperature, light, motion and humidity. Suggested retail is $239.