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Wisdom Offers Planar On-Walls

Wisdom Audio is adding on-wall planar-magnetic speakers to its Sage Series of in-room and in-wall planar-magnetic speakers.

The three, shipping in December, include the $16,000-suggested L150m, an on-wall version of the Reference Line Source L150i line-source in-wall speaker. It’s designed for installation next to 103-inch plasma TVs and next to or behind large projection screens. The other new models, the $11,700 L100m and $17,500 C150m, are sized for hidden installation behind 2.35:1 aspect-ratio perforated screens without sticking out above or below.

Wisdom will also add multizone capability to its 7.3-channel Sage System Controller, whose electronic crossover and Audyssey MultEQ room correction are designed for use with Sage speakers. A software update due by January will enable it to control up to three stereo zones or a 5.1-channel system plus a stereo zone.