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Wireless Printing Missing Opportunities: NPD Group Study


More than
half of all printers sold in the United States
are wireless, but most consumers do not
take full advantage of the feature.

This was noted in a recent study conducted
by The NPD Group.

The Wireless Printing Study found that almost
75 percent of wireless printer owners
are not printing more, despite having more
devices connected to their printer. In addition,
these consumers’ printing habits are
not much different from those who only own
a hardwired printer.

This is particularly true of people 55 years
and older.

The study did find that wireless printer
owners between the ages of 18 and 34 are
printing more, about 30 percent. However,
only 15 percent of those in the 55 and older
age bracket reported higher printing rates.

The printers themselves are causing part
of the problem, according to the study, primarily
because they cannot easily interact
with mobile devices such as cellphones and
digital cameras.

“Clearly the ability to print wirelessly from
mobile phones and digital cameras exists,
but today’s wireless printers focus on the
PC and miss opportunities to help create a
more complete wireless printing ecosystem
for consumers,” said Stephen Baker, industry
analysis VP.

Baker added that consumers are willing
to pay extra for wireless printing capabilities,
but manufacturers need to enable for
a wider range of connected devices to have
easy access to their printers. This, in turn,
will spur consumers to change their printing