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Windows 10 Will Support XYZ’s 3D Printing

San Diego — 3D-printing resource XYZprinting has partnered with Microsoft to provide a “seamless transition” for customers who upgrade to Windows 10.

 The vendor, known for its da Vinci line of desktop printers, said its software will sync effortlessly with Microsoft’s 3D Builder app and editing software, which will allow users to create 3D projects from their desktops, laptops and tablets.

XYZ has also calibrated its printers for Win10 and 3D Builder.

Application enhancements include printer integration with Win10 Plug and Play; use of best-in-class slicing technology from 3D Builder; and direct print to 3D printers from 3D Builder, and save as PLY, STL or 3MF, a new standard for 3D models.

“Microsoft is on the cutting edge of technology. With Windows 10 and 3D Builder, we’re pleased to hear that XYZprinting customers who upgrade their operating systems will have software that fully supports the latest in 3D-printing designing and experience the seamlessly 3D-printing process,” said Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting and New Kinpo Group. “Together, XYZprinting and Windows integrate designers’ creativity with the most up-to-date technology easier than ever before.”

Customers with operating systems using Windows 10 and da Vinci printers will be able to automatically install new printer drivers for all XYZ printers directly from Windows Update, the manufacturer said.