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Wilson Now WeBoost, Adds New Products, Packaging

LAS VEGAS — Wilson Electronics, the cellular signal-booster supplier, is bringing a new name, new products and new packaging to the show.

The company, which purchased rival zBoost in early 2014, changed its brand name to WeBoost and is unveiling the first products under the WeBoost Life and WeBoost Work. The company is also changing its logo and retail packaging.

Rebranding “will help us grow consumer awareness and drive broader adoption of cellular signal boosting technology in North America and globally,” said WeBoost president/CEO Bob Van Buskirk.

The new brand name, the company added, “reflects the essential role and business purpose of the Wilson Electronics signal booster products and creates “ a stronger connection with consumers through the implicit and shared meaning of ‘we.’”

“Redesigning the look of our products and packaging, and refreshing product lines with new features and benefits, is part of a more significant strategic initiative by WeBoost to inform consumers, grow market awareness, and promote broader adoption of cellular signal boosting technology,” said Lonnie Arima, global sales and marketing VP.

All new boosters feature a new dynamic gain control system said to automatically maximize a signal connection by adjusting to signal strength and environmental factors, including the landscape.

The WeBoost Life product line consists of redesigned Drive and Home signal-booster systems. The Drive 3G and Drive 4G systems boost cellular signal for a single user or multiple users in a vehicle, depending on the model. The Home 3G and Home 4G boosters improve cellular reception and coverage in one to two rooms of a home or small workplace.

The WeBoost Work line consists of the company’s new Connect and Signal systems. Connect systems boost reception in indoor SO/HO settings or larger home settings. The WeBoost Signal products are designed to boost coverage for machine-to-machine (M2M) installations.

Wilson Electronics remains the parent company of WeBoost.