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Whirlpool Tapping Into Home-Brew Market

Beer drinkers may be hopping for joy now that Whirlpool has entered the home-brew market.

The world’s largest majap manufacturer has launched a patented beer-making system dubbed Vessi that ferments, carbonates and dispenses homebrewed beer in as little as seven days — quenching thirsts way sooner than traditional home-brew methods, which can take a month or more.

Vessi was designed by Whirlpool’s W Labs division, which fast-tracks innovative concepts, and was launched on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to test the home-brew waters.

Whirlpool senior manager Noel Dolan said the company rethought “the entire beer brewing process” to come up with the single-tank system, which is sealed, pressurized and temperature-controlled to reduce contamination, oxidation and imperfect temperatures. It also retains the beer’s carbonation throughout the fermentation process, unlike the more complicated, multi-step approaches employed by other home-brewing systems, Whirlpool said.

It will likely be priced at $1,899 retail, although backerss can pick one up on Indiegogo for $1,199. Cheers!