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Whirlpool Debuts Dishwasher Line

BENTON HARBOR, MICH. -Whirlpool has introduced a Whirlpool-branded version of its KitchenAid Tall Tub dishwasher.

Like its higher-end sibling, the Whirlpool Gold 1000 Series boasts a horizontal dual pump that allows for quieter operation and frees up 15 percent more capacity than traditional models.

The platform also features the company’s patented automatic purge filtration technology, which allows the units to fill and drain simultaneously while skimming the water for food particles. Because the wash water isn’t fully drained-only the soiled water is expelled-the Gold 1000 Series conserves more water and energy than previous models, the company said.

The feature-laden line includes a five-level AccuWash system with pressure sensors and automatic temperature controls that balance water temperature and adjust water levels. Optional features include a presoak “soak and scour” function and an antibacterial cycle that eliminates virtually 100 percent of food-soil bacteria.

According to David Hoyh, Whirlpool brand director for kitchen cleanup, the new models can hold 14 five-piece place settings and could conceivably save families 3,420 gallons of water annually in reduced pre-rinsing and hand-washing of dishes and tableware. “We have taken steps out of the cleaning process,” he said.

Opening price points will range between $499 and $549, Hoyh said, and shipping is slated for mid-April or early May.