What Time Is 'The West Wing' On?

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Presidents who prefer wholesome entertainment alternatives in the White House can thank Lynn Fields of San Francisco-based Linstall for the custom home theater that he crafted in a 300-square-foot TV room in the White House's private residence.

Fields installed a Runco PL-42cx plasma TV, Krell KAV-300iL integrated amplifier, Krell DVD Standard, and Crestron STS 1550c control system in an existing armoire. The install included a speaker that was custom-made by Snell Acoustics for the application.

Snell crafted a single enclosure that houses the left and right speakers. The cabinet, which is less than 8-inches high and 49-inches-wide, is based on Snell's ICS 1050, whose enclosures are 8.5-inches high by 21-inches-wide. All Snell employees signed the inside of the cabinet to commemorate the event.


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