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Westinghouse Adds HDR, Quantum Dot

Westinghouse Electronics is bringing high dynamic range (HDR) and wide-color-gamut quantum-dot technology to its line of value-priced 4K Ultra HD TVs in sizes from 43 to 85 inches.

The company’s 4K screen sizes previously topped out at 55 inches.

All of the 4K TVs are smart TVs, and all are the company’s first Netflix-certified TVs. Model sizes are 43, 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. All are expected to feature HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 copy protection.

The line of smart 4K UHD TVs with HDR will be available in the third quarter. Prices were not available at press time.

Also new is a prototype 1080p TV using OLED display technology.

HDR technology reproduces a wider range of brightness levels, delivering more contrast, detailed blacks, and brighter whites and colors to reveal greater image depth and detail, the company said.

Netflix’s certification program requires TVs to undergo an evaluation program to meet minimum standards determine if they offer better performance, easier app access, and new smart TV features. Criteria include instant-on capability to display apps, including a prominently displayed Netflix app, as soon as the TV is turned on; the latest version of Netflix; fast app launch and resume, and fast playback start.