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Wagz Smart Collar Keeps Dogs In Check

Built-in cam transmits video to smartphones

With pet tech expected to generate $233 million in U.S. revenue this year, Wagz’s smart collar is hitting the market at an opportune time.

The Explore smart collar features a built-in camera able to transmit video to a smartphone app; it also employs geofencing and “ultrasonic deterrence” technologies, said the company, eliminating the need for invisible fences.

In addition to monitoring a dog’s activity levels and temperature, the Wagz collar will notify an owner of excessive barking. It also interacts with the company’s other smart pet-tech devices, including its feeders, doors and treat dispensers, and it will take the animal’s activity levels into account to dispense an appropriate amount of food.

The Wagz collar even features built-in Amazon Alexa and other voice-assistant compatibility.

It will ship in July for $449.

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