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VWB Bows Portable MPEG-4 Player

Video Without Boundaries, based here, a developer of broadband media devices, recently unveiled its first portable media player designed to play back MPEG-4 video on the go.

The company also announced it will ship late in the first quarter its second-generation MediaREADY home entertainment terminal — the MediaREADY 5000 PVR+RW. The unit adds digital video recording functions to a suite of popular TV-centric applications, including Internet capabilities.

The product includes an advanced electronic program guide and the ability to record broadcast media on either the internal hard drive or built-in DVD recorder.

The portable MediaREADY Flyboy unit, which ships this spring at a $349 suggested retail, will play back and record video in the MPEG-4 compression format and supports Real One Player files. The system will store up to 80 hours of video, store more than 200,000 digital pictures or hold up to 740 hours of music on its 40GB internal hard disc drive.

Included is a 3.5-inch color LCD screen, built-in speakers and USB 2.0 input to download content from PCs or home-based MediaREADY terminals.

Other features include digital voice recording, and backup data storage.

Meanwhile, the MediaREADY 5000 PVR+RW will carry an $899 suggested retail price. It features a built-in computer hard drive and DVD recordable drive, enabling users to record broadcast TV programs either on the hard drive or a recordable DVD disc. The multifunctional drive will support the DVD-RAM/-R, DVD+RW/+R recordable disc formats as well as CD recording and playback.

In addition, the unit offers Internet connectivity for e-mail, Internet browsing and video game play. The system is compatible with MP3, CD, DVD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 file playback through any connected television.

All products will support the new C.A.C. Media Content Delivery Network, which starting in the first quarter of this year will deliver DVD quality video content to MediaREADY devices over the Internet.

Video Without Boundaries is distributing the MediaREADY products through its wholesale network and through licensees. Currently, the Lafayette brand is licensing MediaREADY products for distribution under its logo.