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Vuzix ‘Video Headphones’ Reach Market

Los Angeles — Vuzix has begun preorder sales for its new iWear “video headphones,” designed for immersive high-definition video viewing and gaming.

The iWear is compatible with any device supporting HDMI output, including PCs, game consoles, smartphones, Blu-ray players and Wi-Fi wireless dongles for direct Internet connection.

The video headphones, originally unveiled at International CES, feature integrated motion tracking, OSVR, Unity 3D and Unreal gaming engine support. A growing list of games and VR title support is now offered, Vuzix said.

The iWear features dual HD displays and nano optics that provide the equivalent experience of a 130-inch television viewed from 10 feet. It allows the wearer to play games, interact with apps, and watch 2D, 3D and 360-degree VR movies.

The iWear is now also enabled with virtual-reality tracking sensors and will have optional 3D augmented-reality cameras with “point-cloud” tracking capability to provide an augmented-reality experience.

The iWear integrates noise-isolating 40mm drivers for immersive sound.

iWear is on display this week at Vuzix’ booth at E3, which opens today, in the South Hall, booth 2563.