VuNow Adds CinemaNow Content

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Mountain View, Calif. - Verismo Networks said Tuesday it has added Sonic Solutions' Roxio CinemaNow content to the VuNow Internet TV platform.

The VuNow platform allows viewers to watch content from the Web on their televisions without having to connect a computer in between.

A palm-sized VuNow Pod facilitates the connection and service access for a wide range of online content resources, including YouTube, live global TV channels, and now CinemaNow movies and video programs.

The agreement with Sonic expands VuNow's content offerings to more than 250 content providers, including all major Hollywood studios through the CinemaNow library.

"VuNow offers consumers the broadest choice of online video content for today's living room," stated Prakash Bhalerao, Verismo Networks CEO. "By partnering with Sonic, we're able to give our customers even more entertainment options - from TV episodes to Hollywood new releases."

Verismo Networks sells the VuNow Pod for $129 through its Web site as well as through partner


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