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Vizio Enhances SmartCast App; Adds Google Play Movies And TV Content

Vizio announced updates to its SmartCast TVs experience, with a more robust app and additional content offerings.

“Coming soon,” according to the company, Google Play Movies and TV will be fully integrated into the Vizio SmartCast app, allowing users to browse Google Play’s content catalog along with other integrated content catalogs at the same time.

The SmartCast app allows users to control SmartCast devices via Wi-Fi from any room in the home and stream content from mobile devices to the big screen. The enhanced app now provides users a faster all-around content aggregation experience, Vizio said, with quicker content load time, and faster population of search results.

The app allows users to search and browse content first by genre across multiple apps at once, then select the app or source to play the content. SmartCast devices already feature Chromecast, which lets users tap the cast button in popular Chromecast-enabled apps such as Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Google Play Movies and TV, YouTube, HBO Now, and others, to stream content.

The update to the SmartCast app includes an Android widget, which allows for easy access to quick control features like power, play, pause and volume control even when a user’s device is locked. 

A newly added Quick Start mode allows users to turn on their SmartCast display automatically over Wi-Fi when a Cast session is initiated, without having to separately turn on the display.

“The Vizio Smartcast ecosystem not only simplifies the entertainment experience by giving consumers one app that controls many devices, but it also lets users search and browse across content catalogs from multiple apps at once,” said Matt McRae, Vizio’s chief technology officer. “We’re excited to announce that soon Google Play Movies and TV will be added. Soon consumers can easily search Google Play’s expansive library of movies and TV shows alongside selections from their other favorite apps. This process streamlined content discovery.”