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Vizio Enhances SmartCast App

Vizio announced new updates to its SmartCast app.

Enhancements include larger buttons on the home screen interface to help simplify navigation and ensure key functions are easily accessible. There is also access to more video content from the home screen, bringing popular entertainment options to the forefront for consumers.  The home screen will also soon include a Featured section with added content recommendations. 

For new SmartCast users, the home screen’s Discover section showcases a curated selection of fan favorites, such as non-subscription content from Pluto TV and others, along with other top picks from subscription-based apps that can be streamed with one button push.

The app’s home screen also now includes a Cast Apps section, featuring popular Chromecast-enabled apps like Netflix, Xumo and Pluto TV for quick accessibility. When a user selects a given app, it will launch on the user’s mobile device, or if the app is not yet installed on their device, the user will be sent directly to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to download the desired Chromecast-enabled app. Also, popular Chromecast-enabled apps can be found using the search function

For example, Netflix and other in-demand apps now also appear in search results, allowing users to quickly download the app before using it in its native form.

In addition to casting content from Chromecast-enabled apps, the SmartCast app allows users to use text or voice search to simultaneously search and browse content across multiple apps by genre. Once users find a title, they tap the desired service to begin streaming content directly to their SmartCast display. They can then continue using their mobile devices for other activities without interrupting the stream to the big screen.