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Vizio Adds Two SmartCast Speakers: Crave Pro And Crave 360

Vizio has added speakers to its SmartCast line with two new models designed for multi-room audio and portable use.

The Vizio SmartCast Crave Pro and Crave 360 speakers are the company’s first audio products to integrate Google Cast, allowing users to stream songs from Google Cast-enabled audio apps directly to the speakers over Wi-Fi. Since the Crave collection is part of the SmartCast entertainment ecosystem, both speakers are controllable by the Vizio SmartCast app which runs on Android and iOS devices.

The SmartCast app allows users to play, pause and control volume, as well as to search, discover, browse and cast music to Crave speakers in any room. Multi-room functionality allows users to cast the same song, or send a different song, to multiple cast-enabled speakers and soundbars connected to a home’s Wi-Fi network.

The SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker has a bookshelf form factor and features a satin aluminum finish. Custom-crafted drivers produce up to 102dB of sound and an integrated dual subwoofer pumps out bass as low as 40Hz.

The SmartCast Crave 360 Speaker, featured in the music video for the new One Republic single “Kids,” offers 2.1-channel, 360-degree audio with custom-crafted drivers that produce up to 95dB of sound with a 50Hz bottom.  The unit comes with a wireless charging base and runs up to 8 hours using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to stream music. It also includes a leather carrying strap.

While both the Crave Pro and Crave 360 work seamlessly with the SmartCast app, users can manually control the speakers via a glass touch dial by tapping to play, swiping to skip and twisting to increase or decrease volume levels.

The SmartCast Crave Pro (model SP70) will retail for a suggested $300. The Crave 360 (SP50) will retail for $250.