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Virgin Mobile Revamps Unlimited Plans

Virgin Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid cellular brands, has revamped its lineup of unlimited plans, mostly offering slightly more gigabytes of high-speed data per dollar than their predecessors.

The new plans also offer a lower opening price of $30 instead of $35.

The revisions follow a fiscal quarter in which Sprint reported that its lost 491,000 prepaid customers for the quarter ending December, compared with 410,000 additions in the prior-year quarter. Sprint’s other prepaid brands include Boost Mobile, Sprint Prepaid, Assurance Wireless, and PayLo by Virgin Mobile.

Also in the quarter, Sprint gained 501,000 postpaid phone net adds, up from the year-ago 30,000.

Like before, the new Virgin plans offer unlimited talk and text and unlimited 2G data after high-speed caps are hit. The new plans continue to offer unlimited music streaming of Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker, 8tracks and Milk Music.

Under the new plans, consumers get 500MB of high-speed data at $30, 4GB at $40 and 6GB at $50. Consumers who need more high-speed data can buy add-on data packs of an additional 1GB at $5 and an additional 2GB at $10.

Virgin’s previous unlimited plans were priced at $35 for 1GB, $45 for 3GB and $55 for 8GB.

The changes also follow last month’s price move by T-Mobile’s prepaid MetroPCS program, to $30 for unlimited talk, text and data including 1GB at 4G LTE speeds, as part of a retributive “Biggest Offer In Sprint’s History” promotion.