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Samsung’s New 55-inch Gaming Monitor Has A Crazy “Cockpit” Mode

Gaming gets serious on the Odyssey Ark

(image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has launched a massive 55-inch monitor as part of its Odyssey gaming line. The curved, TV-like monitor is geared towards gamers who want the screen size of a TV with the high refresh rate and low latency of a gaming monitor.

The Odyssey Ark features a curved display at 1000R that’s intended to wrap around and immerse the user in whatever they’re playing. It uses Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology powered by Quantum Mini-LEDs; deciphering those buzzwords suggests that the display should have greater control of tightly packed pixels, which should lead to better light control and detail. In theory, this means that the Ark should handle HDR gaming very well. Samsung uses this technology in its Neo QLED TVs, so we’re hoping for solid picture performance from its distantly related gaming cousin.

Alongside the Quantum Matrix Technology, the Ark runs at 4k resolution up to 165Hz, a very tempting specification for gamers on both PC and next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. A note for console gamers, this new monitor features HDMI 2.1 making it VRR compatible, as well as being capable of reaching those high frame rates at 4K.

One of the Ark’s most prominent features is the ability to swivel the display 90 degrees to initiate “Cockpit Mode”, which consists of the screen rotating so it sits vertically on the adjustable stand. You can see the monitor switch to “cockpit mode” in the video below.

Samsung has built-in adaptable picture modes via the Ark Dial, an exclusive controller that, much like Samsung’s TVs, features a solar panel and USB C port for recharging.

It’s designed to give you quick access to a host of game-related features; some of these include the Game Bar (more on that below), Multi-View for displaying four screens at once for maximum multitasking, quick settings, and Flex Move Screen which allows you to adjust the screen size from the full 55-inches down to 27-inches as well as adjust the aspect ratio.

Samsung’s gaming hub is also built-in, giving easy access to gaming streaming services like Google Stadia and Xbox streaming, which recently launched on Samsung TVs. As well as this, the Game Bar feature found on its TVs is also present, allowing you to check the status of your refresh rate, HDR and VRR in real-time. Finally, the monitor includes a built-in soundbar speaker arrangement consisting of four speakers, with Samsung’s “Sound Dome Tech” which features AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos.

The Odyssey Ark retails for $3500. Samsung looks to have jammed this monster monitor with loads of gaming features, could this be the TV/monitor crossover we’ve been waiting for?

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