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Samsung And LG Resume Negotiations Over OLED Panels

News comes after the deal reportedly fell through last year

(image credit: Samsung)

In 2022 reports surfaced that Korean tech giants LG and Samsung had halted negotiations on a purported major deal regarding OLED panels, with flatpanelshd quoting LG Display’s CFO as saying “Our new client (Samsung Electronics) had sought to use our OLED panels. While there had been some progress, the process has come to a halt at the moment.”

Now, The Elec has reported that the deal is back on. Furthermore, undisclosed sources are stating that LG Display could possibly supply up to 300,000 units of W-OLED panels to Samsung initially, which would allow Samsung to launch TVs utilizing the panels sometime next year.

The publication goes on to state that the reopening of negotiations is due to Samsung’s increasing reliance on Chinese display manufacturers that are excelling in LCD panels, as the company closed down its LCD manufacturing operations last year. With consumers being increasingly more interested in OLED displays, Samsung is looking to diversify its offerings.

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