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Panasonic 20 inch 4K Tablet – Solution for professional photographer –

Panasonic has released a promotional video to illustrate some the potential of its “4K Tablet” that was introduced for the first time at CES2013.

It’s a 20-inch Windows-based tablet with 4K resolution ISP-alpha screen and attached digital pen.

The display image is 3840×2560 resolution in 15:10 aspect ratio, which is different from other regular tablets. A3 size images such as photos or magazine pages can be displayed in full scale. With the digital pen, you can directly write notes on the image. So, Panasonic is positioning the 4K Tablet to be a great tool for professionals like photographers, designers, architects, and engineers who are on the go and need full scale for their work.

The product is still being developed and a release date has not yet been announced.