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Intel's USB evangelist Steve Whalley was at RetailVision touting the advantages of the technology. Whalley said USB version 2.0, which offers data transfer rates up to 200Mbps, should be finalized by the end of the year. He expected some of the first Easy PC computers, which eliminate the serial and parallel ports and offer unique non-PC-like form factors, to be available in the second half of the year.

Keyspan introduced a USB adapter for Palm Pilot organizers and iMACs at a $39 suggested retail. The company says it saw an opportunity with approximately 1.5 million PalmPilots in the marketplace today. Keyspan said it is planning a solution for PalmPilots and the Windows platform.

Boca Research was at RetailVision with a renewed focus on leveraging its Global Village brand equity with the emerging Apple iMac and G3 market. According to Navrose Mehta, executive VP/general manager, the company will also focusing on the set-top market with its design partnership with NCI. Other data communications products - both hardware and software - will launch in the back half of the year.

Viking Components released a new USB modem that is available in PC and Macintosh versions. The new SKUs feature the company's upright vertical design, and the Mac version uses a blue see-through design that matches the G3's cosmetics. Suggested price is $119.99.

Interex showed an extensive line of USB products, including ports, adapters, cables, PCI cards and mice for both PCs and Macintosh. The USBView Hub (model BV4) offers a real-time bandwidth monitoring and includes a 2-amp AC power adapter and an ergonomic shape for easy stacking. The suggested retail price is $74.95.

Universal BUSlink hit the show with a broad line of USB peripherals ranging from 2.5-and 3.5-inch portable USB hard drives to USB network adapters and printer cables. The smaller-size USB portable hard drives range in price form $199.99 (3.2GB) to $449 (10GB), and 3.5-inch hard drives range from $199.99 (4.3GB) to $299.99 (10GB).

Also in the company's line are USB data transfer cables, network cables and printer cables.

USB specialist Entrega is now adding international distribution in the Pacific Rim and Latin America. The company also announced a number of new products at RetailVision, including: the $79 USBnet, a USB to USB converter that links two PCs or laptops; a $59.99 9-pin USB serial adapter to convert Palm Pilots and other 9-pin devices to USB; and a $69.99 USB to Ethernet adapter to provide category five wiring without the use of a NIC.


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