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URC Teams With Dealer Portal SupplyStream

Custom-install supplier URC is trying to make life easier for its authorized dealers by teaming up with SupplyStream, the online portal that lets dealers place orders 24/7 for products from more than 100 brands.

SupplyStream also provides a web-based proposal tool that lets dealers build customer proposals using products on its portal.

URC direct dealers who sell other brands in the SupplyStream system “can place their order all in one place and create proposals in that same place,” explained URC marketing director Cat Toomey. “Those orders go through to all their vendors, so they don’t have to go to a bunch of different places to create a job proposal and order the things they need if their brands are on SupplyStream.”

SupplyStream “doesn’t change who the direct dealers can buy from,” Toomey noted. “It just makes things faster, more convenient and all in one spot.”

SupplyStream is a free service for URC’s direct dealers. Indirect dealers can, for a fee, order URC products through SupplyStream for fulfillment by an authorized URC distributor that participates in the SupplyStream portal.