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Update: HDMI Connectivity

Audio suppliers revealed new details about the HDMI outputs on select receivers shown at CES.

Here’s what the receivers do:

  • Samsung’s top-end multizone receiver, at $4,999, features HDMI switching and HDMI output that upscales to high definition. The HDMI output also up-converts composite, S-, component and DVI inputs to HDMI, a marketer said.
  • two JVC receivers — the $549-suggested RX-D401S and $879 RX-701S/702B — feature HDMI switching and HDMI output that upconverts composite, S, and component video to HDMI. The HDMI output does not up-scale to high definition, but it will up-scale 480i inputs into 480p via Faroudja’s DCDi chip.

JVC’s HDMI inputs are version 1.1, allowing for the input of DVD-Audio in digital form over a single cable.

  • Marantz’s new SR9600 features HDMI output, but it doesn’t up-convert to HDMI or upscale to high definition. At a tentative suggested $3,999, however, the receiver does up-convert video to component output.
  • Denon’s $6,000-suggested AVR-5805 features HDMI switching and HDMI output, component-video upconversion, and high-definition up-scaling through the component output.

Denon’s AVR-4806 at a suggested $3,500 features HDMI switching and HDMI output, up-converts to component video and to HDMI, but offers no upscaling.