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UltraFlix Adds VGTel-360 4K Video Library

New York — Nanotech Entertainment has licensed VGTel-360 Entertainment & Productions’ library of 4K Ultra HD films for the UltraFlix streaming 4K Ultra HDTV service.

NanoTech recently announced that UltraFlix is being bundled with Sony’s 2014 4K Ultra HD TV product line.

    VGTel-360 Entertainment & Productions CEO Greg Wells said: “In anticipation of the Q4 proliferation of 4K demand, we began scanning a series of Giant Screen films to Ultra HD late last year.  These titles will soon be available for viewers worldwide as we’ve recently licensed the films to OEMs and satellite providers for release later this year.  NanoTech will be the first 4K Ultra HD streaming service to provide our growing library of films to consumers.”  

    VGTel-360 Entertainment finances, produces and distributes 4K UHD content through subsidiaries Motion Picture Scanning Services and Grand Schema Entertainment, and licenses its films for distribution through Los Angeles-based K2 Communications. 

  VGTel-360 Entertainment’s 4K content library includes such titles as “Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk,” “Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, Bears and Amazing Journeys,” along with more than 300 hours of additional fare.

  VGTel-360 Entertainment said it began financing the digital scanning for a series of Giant Screen films to 4K format in December 2013. VGtel-360 Entertainment, in collaboration with its production and distribution partners, is scanning, down-scaling and licensing these Giant Screen films for 4K Ultra HD television broadcast and 4K theatrical distribution.