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Ultimate Ears is spotlighting its 10 Pro universal fit earphones, which feature a three-driver design. The use of two bass drivers divides the acoustic workload and provides increased definition and clarity, according to the company. The single high-frequency driver reproduces the top end with precision, and a specially engineered passive crossover ensures that the lows, mids and highs are balanced in perfect proportion, the company states.

The 10 Pro offers a frequency response of 10Hz to 17kHz, described as the widest of any non-custom earpiece on the market. In addition, Ultimate Ears’ dual bore design allows for a wider sound stage without competing frequencies by piping the high driver down one of the openings at the tip of the earpiece while the dual lows go down the other. The snug fit of the earphone provides 26dB of noise isolation, while a flexible ear loop anchors the earphone in place and guides the cable behind the ear for easy wear.

Each package comes with a five-piece fit kit to adapt the earphones to different ear shapes, and 0.25-inch adapter jack, a cleaning tool, an attenuator and a hard-cover storage case, and retails for $399. Ultimate Ears’ family of universal-fit earphones also includes the $99 single-driver 3 studio model and two dual-driver options, the $199 5 EB (Extended Bass) and $249 5 Pro.