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UHD Boosts U.S. TV Shipments By 7% In Q2

San Diego – LCD TV shipments rose in the U.S. by 7 percent in the second quarter compared to a year ago, thanks to an influx of new Ultra HD 4K TVs, Gap Intelligence says. The TVs not only got sharper, but they got smarter, the company added.

In a Quixel Research report, Gap found that U.S. LCD TV shipments grew 7 percent in the second quarter to 7 million compared to a year ago, with UHD TVs accounting for 14 percent of shipments, up from the year-ago 2 percent. FullHD share fell to 57 percent from 73 percent, while the share of 720p TVs grew to 29 percent from 25 percent. (See table.)

“The UHD TV segment continued its rise during the spring refresh of Q2,” said Gap senior analyst Deirdre Kennedy. The gain came at the expense of Full HD 1080p TVs “as the high-value-added full HD models are replaced by 4K TVs within manufacturers’ lineups.”

Also in the second quarter, smart TVs accounted for a record high of 59 percent of shipments, and the company forecasts that smart TV share will hit 57 percent in the full year, marking the first time that smart TVs account for a majority of unit shipments. The percentage will creep up three to four percentage points per year until it hits 76 percent in 2019. (See table)

“Smart TV technology is spreading to lower-priced models, and the increased availability mirrors consumers’ viewing habits,” Kennedy said. “Furthermore, virtually all UHD TVs have built-in smart capabilities, and streaming is the primary method for viewing 4K content.”