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Uebo Device Adds BitTorrent


Set-top box and
storage solutions developer UITStor, based
here, recently began selling its Uebo set-top
box designed to present a plethora of home and
Internet-based digital media content directly on
TV screens.

Going head-to-head with similar devices including
the Western Digital Live, Live Plus and
My Book Live boxes; the Boxee Box; Roku settops;
and others, the white and black Uebo (pronounced
You-Bo) M200 media player presents a
user interface that’s easy to use and set up, and
has the ability to access a host of online streaming
services, as well to download and playback
content from BitTorrent sites when an optional
SATA hard drive is installed.

The M200 has a suggested retail starting at
$129 and offers an interface that presents a host
of entertainment options for the TV screen and
connected home-theater systems.

The box connects to a TV via HDMI, component
or composite-video cables, and to the
in-home network via an Ethernet cable or an
optional USB Wi-Fi adapter ($159 for a Wi-Fi
bundle with HDMI cable).

It will allow streaming FullHD video content
and accompanying HD audio, including Dolby
Digital Plus and DTS 2.0/digital out. Once
an optional internal SATA hard disc drive is
installed, the Uebo turns into a network-attached
storage system and will enable downloading,
storing and playing back a vast array
of digital video and music content from BitTorrent

Out of the box, the M200 offers a handful of
Internet service fare including news and weather,
and direct access to YouTube video, Flickr
images, Picasa and Shoutcast Internet radio
stations. The device will also connect to networked
PCs and similar devices in the house to
share stored content on the living room TV set.

Additional subscription fees may apply for
the various services.

UITstor said the device was designed to be
upgraded and expanded with other content and
services in the future.