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TWICE/CCS Survey: Security Trumps Price As Consumers’ Chief Smart-Home Concern

With data breaches and hacked email servers making headlines, it should come as no surprise that personal data security is the No. 1 concern for consumers when buying connected devices.

According to an exclusive new survey by TWICE and research partner Creative Channel Services (CCS), fully 43 percent of shoppers queried in stores cited security as their top IoT concern, presenting a potential roadblock to smart-home growth.

Indeed, consumers said privacy issues were more pressing than price, which was cited by less than a quarter as their major category concern (see charts, below).

Moreover, only 5 percent of respondents said they were “extremely concerned” by the complexity of installation, which is either a vote of confidence for the custom integration community or a testament to plug-and-play.

The survey also showed that smart-tech is already fairly well established — at least among consumers surveyed within CE stores or departments — with 79 percent reporting ownership of a smart device. Thermostats make up the majority of products owned (38 percent), followed by home security (19 percent) and lighting (17 percent).

As to where they purchased or plan to buy their connected gear, nearly half (49 percent) cited CE specialty retailers, followed by home improvement chains (20 percent) and e-tailers (17 percent).

On the brand side, Nest has the greatest name recognition, with 44 percent claiming extreme familiarity with the product line, followed by ADT (38 percent), Honeywell (34 percent) and Kwikset (27 percent).

CCS, which provides in-store brand ambassadors for retailers and vendors, conducted the survey between Aug. 24 and Sept. 13. One hundred eighty-five shoppers were polled across multiple geographic regions and store types, including national CE retailers (23 percent), other national specialty chains (23 percent), office-supply chains (19 percent), regional CE dealers (16 percent), mobile carrier stores (15 percent), and big-box discounters (2 percent).

CCS is based in Los Angeles and is a unit of the Omnicom Group, a global advertising and marketing communications holding company.

Shopper Survey

Source: TWICE/Creative Channel Services market research